Energy Data Collector Software

When: 2013-
Role: Lead Developer
Technologies: C# .NET, Compact Framework (CF) 2.0, UI design, P/Invoke, Visual Studio 2008, WinCE 6.0, RS-485 serial I/O

My first big project for EnterScape 🙂  A potential major client was considering switching their utility monitoring platform to UtilityRecon… as long as we could bring their data into our system. Sounds easy enough, but you might be surprised just how strange and diverse are the data-producing devices of this world. TSV files dumped on a network share? Registers in a PLC? Emails with Excel workbooks attached? Packets over an RS-485 line? We’ve seen those and much more.

This time, data was being collected by legacy embedded systems (WinCE-based industrial computers), and nobody really knew how they worked. I had used .NET CF long ago, in a few college classes, so I was vaguely familiar with that. I wrote a quick demo app showing we could collect the data, deployed it on-site, which was enough to satisfy the client and land the contract, and then developed the full app, which still runs without human intervention to this day.