Data Processing Scripts

When: 2013-
Role: Lead Developer, Developer
Technologies: IoT, Python, C# .NET, Perl, Bash, Linux, Windows

So many of these! There is no telling where the next data source might be, it could be locked in:

  • Excel workbooks attached to daily report emails
  • Registers on an embedded device only accessible by serial I/O
  • Log files dumped by an application running on a test lab computer
  • Old-fashioned mechanical meter with no electronics

to name only a few! The best case, of course, is that System A already produces exactly the data that EnterScape expects in a format we already support. When that’s not the case, it’s time to parse, convert, validate, and whatever else we might need to do, to get the job done for our clients. It’s really impressive when previously unseen or inaccessible data is suddenly brought to light for them, and we enjoy making that happen!