NnS Strawberry

Note: Originally posted Saturday, December 8, 2012

Texture: black leaves with bits of green and other brown pieces
Scent: sweet, fruity
Steeped: the usual – 3.5 minutes in mesh ball
Appearance: dark brown, slight reddish tinge
Taste: fruity, yet subtle taste of strawberry
Additions: definitely sugar; milk or cream highly recommended.

One of my favorite teas over the past few years has been strawberry, also purchased from the local spice shop. I drink this tea whenever I want a sweet but lighter and more subtle flavor than, say, the spiciness of chai. It’s not an overpowering strawberry flavor, but more of a vague fruitiness. I prefer adding sugar and milk or cream, especially since fruits like strawberry go so well with cream. I think it works best after a meal, perhaps it would also work as a breakfast tea, though I never drink tea in the morning.

Now that I have fresh batteries for the camera flash, I’ve added pictures, and I’ll go back and add some for the recent lapsang souchong review review as well. The next tea review will likely be a new discovery and possible favorite of mine, Earl Grey.