NnS Blueberry

Note: originally posted on Saturday, May 21, 2011

Texture: Colorful blend of dried blueberries, flower petals, and various other dried bits
Scent: Faint, musty fruit scent
Steeped: At least 3.5 minutes in mesh ball
Appearance: Clear, pale rose color
Taste: Slightest blueberry flavor
Additions: Needs sugar. Milk is an option but I don’t use any because it’s a weak tea.

Given how much I like berries and blueberries in particular, this tea caught my eye. The mix is absolutely packed with dried berries and many other things that I haven’t identified. Don’t expect a strong blueberry flavor, in fact it would be easy to entirely miss the flavor if not expecting it. So this is definitely not a tea to drink in a hurry, if you want to fully enjoy it. Instead, take your time and let it linger for a moment in your mouth, flowing over your tongue. Then you’ll get the full effect.
I find as it cools the flavor becomes more easily discernible and also as you get to the dregs, which are not at all unpleasant. Overall it’s not really one of my favorites, I’d rather have strawberry and cream tea (to be reviewed!) when desiring a fruity flavor because there’s just not much to this one. Maybe I’ll try steeping it longer next time to see if it enhances the flavor.