Ah yes, that staple of the American diet. I tend to use flatbreads like Naan, in lieu of a traditional pizza crust. They make convenient, “personal” sized pizzas. However, I have also made crust from scratch, even using something like an herb bread recipe. I do a few things differently besides the crust:

  • Lightly brush the crust with olive oil to begin
  • Sometimes I employ two layers of cheese
  • Good sauce. Classico di Napoli make good pasta and pizza sauces
  • Herbs! I don’t think you can add too many herbs. Get big handfuls of dried oregano and basil, and rub them in your hands, then onto the pizza. I put some in the sauce and some as a final topping — smells delicious in the oven!
  • I throw on whatever I have available: frozen onions, peppers, mushrooms (green and black), pepperoni


Somewhat of my specialty, I have always enjoyed breakfasts, and fried eggs of some type are an essential part of a proper breakfast. Lately, I make an omelette with onions, garlic, spinach, mushrooms and peppers:

This recipe has become one of my favorites and can be eaten any time of day for a big protein boost (but watch the fat and carbs, too). Chicken and Egg Hash, as the title suggests, it contains diced potatoes, chicken, peas, corn; but I have found just about anything can be added with success, including salsa, beans, or avocado — as shown here:

Of course, when trying to eat healthier, perhaps a fried breakfast isn’t really appropriate. More often, I eat cereal with fresh fruit on top. I have found that our food has generally too much sugar added, but something like fresh berries have plenty of their own natural sweetness.


While trying to eat more healthily, I’ve found many uses for spinach, including this dish I make with spaghetti, chicken and mushrooms.

Spinach, Mushrooms & Chicken Spaghetti
Spinach, Mushrooms & Chicken Spaghetti

Stir Fry

Classic Asian food and rather easy to make (just make sure you don’t overcook the vegetables!). “Stir fry sauce” is easy to make if you have soy sauce, there are plenty of recipes on the internet. You can even get frozen stir fry vegetables, as I used here for an impromptu chicken rice stir fry:


A spicy, jambalaya-like dish made with Johnsonville andouille sausage (I believe the recipe was on the package):