Authenticator App Support in PayPal (Finally)

As you hopefully know, PayPal supports two-factor authentication (2FA), and hopefully you have enabled that on your account(s). 2FA means that even if your email address and password are somehow compromised, a hacker won’t be able to log into your account without a second form of authentication, typically either an authenticator app, security key, biometric […]

Debugging Undefined Behavior in C++

Today I’m going to describe more strange issues we encountered in 0 A.D. last year. It was reported by some OS X users that they were unable to complete multiplayer games without an “out of sync” error occurring. First, a little explanation of 0 A.D. multiplayer mode is needed.  Each player (client) runs a deterministic […]

Debugging a Chrome and jQuery Performance Issue

At work, we have a web application based on some common technologies: ASP.NET, MVC, and jQuery. One of the functions of the software is to provide data reports to clients in the form of charts, tables, and exportable documents. Recently, it was noted that under some conditions (long reports), a report dialog would appear to […]